Ahsan (Arabic : أَحْسَن) – the best, the most beautiful, the most handsome.

Ahsan World is an effort to make life beautiful and purposeful for as many individuals as possible. We will learn and apply computer science in our mighty pursuit. 🙂

Having been a school topper, university gold medalist in bachelors, masters in CSE from IIT Kanpur, most valuable engineer in the corporate world and a coder for 25+ years, problem solving is a way of life to me. Not only at work, but in all walks of life.

Relentless R&D and climbing the ladder has helped me gain deep insights into work-life balance, human behavior, education systems, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, and of course, computer science.

I designed and developed products for 6 US multinationals. I experienced the well oiled machinery of software giants as well as the chaotic agility of smaller startups. I interviewed thousands of engineers and campus hired at IISc, IITs & NITs. I led and managed smart engineers. I received a patent. I traveled the world. I made presentations. I interacted with global customers. I wrote more code.

I am located in my hometown in India to address the next set of challenges: 90% of Indian engineering graduates are unemployable. In addition to fixing it,

  1. I upskill nonstop. I built and manage this website.
  2. I built Esaathi to help settle group expenses after an outing. It is completely free: no ads, no permissions, no sign-up, no communication with any server, no data collected.
  3. I run a Coders’ Club at an engineering college with an emphasis on problem solving.
  4. I provide internship equivalent experience to B.Tech/M.Tech students as part of their project work.
  5. I train and mentor students to build stuff. Couple of my students built an Android app for their college  while couple others built its backend.
  6. I mentored a team that built an algorithm and working prototype for correlating data across databases (for the department of rural development) at the grand finale of Smart India Hackathon 2017.
  7. I mentored a team that built a solution to manage resources during disasters (specifically, in Andaman and Nicobar) at the grand finale of Smart India Hackathon 2018.
  8. I mentored a team that won 2nd prize in the Road Safety Hackathon conducted at IIT Delhi in May 2019 after successful participation in earlier phases at IIT Guwahati.
  9. I organized a 24-hour Hackathon for engineering students around disaster management using Machine Learning and IoT.
  10. I am working with authorities to make our city a ‘smart city’. I built the Smart Citizens app as part of that effort.
  11. I guided a team to build tools for India’s most popular bank to help record, automate and analyze ATM activities (that are completely manual today).
  12. I conducted a faculty development program for 11 autonomous engineering colleges in our region.
  13. I guided couple of projects (B.Tech and M.Tech) on Machine Learning.
  14. I provide consultation to start-ups and CSE students doing Bachelors, Masters or PhD thesis.
  15. I engage with professionals (working & between jobs), in India as well as the US for their mentoring and training needs.

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