Competitive Programming, Design & Coding Interviews

How can I learn competitive coding?

How do I prepare for the CodeVita coding competition?

How do I improve my thought process for the coding interviews?

Between Java and Python, which one is better to learn first and why?

Why are senior software engineering interviews so tough these days?

I am unable to write clean code no matter how hard I try. What should I do?

Amazon interview: what is the best answer to the question “why Amazon?”?

Which is a better code, one with more lines and less variables, or the other way round?

What should I do to improve algorithmic thinking, especially for dynamic programming?

What is the most valued skill for SDE interview? Is it competitive programming?

What is a solid study plan to become elite at solving algorithm problems for coding interviews?

I was rejected by Amazon after onsite interview. My reviews were mixed. What should I make of this?

What are the three most important things non-programmers should know about programming?

What are some good minor projects using data structures and algorithms to complete in 4 months?

What are the necessary requirements for an ECE student to compete with a CSE student in coding?

What is the difference between Knapsack and Cutting the Rod problems using dynamic programming?

In dynamic programming, is it generally better to use recurrence formulas or a table to store the values?

How can I showcase my analytical ability during interviews with employers? They are looking for data analysis skill sets.

I’m a software engineer with 20 years experience but I can’t think fast enough in coding interview. What should I do?

What should I practice to do well in the algorithmic interviews of companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon etc?

What should a 10-year experienced software engineer prepare for interviews with product-based companies in India?

How can I clear the algorithm and data structure rounds in various IT companies without competitive programming?

Would you spend the same time on competitive programming (if you could go back) having seen how programming in companies work?

As a software developer, what are the most important concepts to grasp in order to land a coveted position in software development?

How do I get started with dynamic programming problems, and are there any good sites or videos that might help for competitive coding?

How does a programmer keep in touch with all the languages (C, C++, C#, Java, Python, PHP, etc.) he/she learnt during the last decade or two?

I am confused between the two languages, Core Java and Python core. Which is the best language for coding, and for companies’ placements, too?

What are the skills one must acquire to crack a coding interview? Are there any courses or certain performance in any particular coding competition?

Why does it feel so difficult to learn algorithms and data structures and come up with solutions for real life problems? Why is competitive programming so hard?

How should I prepare to crack the interviews and work with good product based companies like Amazon, PayPal, Drupal, Allscripts, Symantec, etc in India?

Is competitive coding a waste of time? Many times I keep on thinking for hours and come up with nothing. I feel really dumb. What do you think is the right thing to do?

Why do big companies like Google, Directi, and Amazon focus so much on competitive programming while hiring even when most works in the company doesn’t require this skill?

How do I get a job at Microsoft, Google and Facebook after graduating from a relatively unknown private engineering college and after that, working for a service based company for around 2 years?

What are the points to be taken care of during answering an object oriented design question like, design a parking lot or elevator system in a programming interview for Microsoft, Google, etc.?

How much can one improve their programming skills in one year? I am an average programmer in 6th semester. How can I improve my coding skills and prepare for interviews for product based companies?

In the hiring challenges on HackerEarth, on getting most of the cases satisfied I always fail to satisfy few cases due to inefficient coding with “time limit exceed” error. What should I do or learn to get 100% cases satisfied?

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