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My wife and I make 40LPA INR in India. I got an offer of $100k in Washington DC. I won an H-1B in the lottery. Should I accept the offer?

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In the society we live in today, we need money to survive or live. My passion is to help others, my question is, how can I help others and make a living?

If there is a hard working computer science student from an average engineering college who wishes to be an employee at Google, what does he need to do?

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Should I quit my job? I’m not happy with my current job right now. But it’s not like I’m good enough to find another job and I know it’s not going to be easy. It will take a lot of time and effort again (and money).

If an interviewer pressures you to join immediately and you want to take time and give an interview with other better companies, what can you answer while also securing the job in case you don’t get anywhere else?

What skills I should have already acquired by the age of 20? I am asking for some awesome skills that will make me stand apart from the crowd. Like some youngster hobbies like boxing, guitars, swimming, cooking, learning foreign language?