Mock Coding & Design Interviews

Testimonials from my students and mentees in Google, Amazon, Apple, Salesforce, IIT Madras (PhD), etc.


In this highly competitive world, great preparation is only half the success. Great execution on the day that matters is the other half.

I interviewed hundreds of engineers at campuses like IISc, IITs, NITs and hundreds more who were making lateral moves in the industry. Interestingly, the pool that belongs to border-line is quite big. More often than not, they are rejected than hired to be on the safer side. They are encouraged to reapply after 6-12 months.

I felt many applicants, who were rejected, could have actually cleared the interviews had they practiced interviewing before the actual interview. Importantly, they should have slept well the night before, learnt to relax and catch the hints given by the interviewer.

This module is designed to help such applicants succeed in fewer attempts. I expect the participants opting for these mock interviews to be well prepared in below areas:

  • Data structures: Array, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Hash Table, BST, Map (Hash Table vs BST), Set (Hash Table vs BST), Heap (Min Heap/Max Heap/Priority Queue), Trie. Applications and pros & cons of those.
  • Algorithms: Time complexity, Space complexity, Sorting, Searching, BFS & DFS, Traversals, Dynamic programming, Recursion (Top Down/Bottom Up), Divide & Conquer, Bit manipulations, Greedy.
  • Design (5+ years experience): Understand requirements gathering, Capacity planning, REST APIs, Load balancers, Caching, Multi-threading, Database design, Security, Timezones, Languages, Diverse platforms, Browsers, etc.

Also, the participants should be well versed with enough Math to prove the correctness and/or the complexity of their own solution where applicable.

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