Importance of Math, DS & Algorithms

Why should a software engineer know calculus?

Do all developers need to know dynamic programming?

How can I improve my algorithmic problem solving skill?

How did you improve your skills in Datastructure and Algorithm?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of dynamic programming?

How can a Java developer reach a package of 50 lakhs in India within 4 years?

What industry jobs require extensive knowledge of algorithms and data structures?

How did data structures and algorithms questions become the norm for tech interviews?

How do I start learning or strengthen my knowledge of data structures and algorithms?

Does someone need to be good at mathematics to be a good computer programmer?

How do I learn data structures and algorithms for interviews of big companies in just 2 months?

As a software engineer, am I not good enough if I don’t have knowledge on advanced algorithms and data structures?

As a web developer, where do you apply skills such as complex data structures and algorithms which are asked in interview questions?

As a computer science major, what can I learn right now that would be extremely useful 3-5 years down the line, but it isn’t right now?

Would you still hire a software developer if he/she is weak at algorithms but have successful track records of production level development?

What is the motivation to studying algorithms, as most of us learn them to get through interviews, and hardly ever use them in your day to day job?

I was able to grasp the basics of Python, C++ and now C. I want to now learn algorithms but don’t know any math. How can I learn them when I’ve found that even intro algorithm books are too difficult?


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