Is life better in city or town?

Town, hands down! 🙂

I have been to and/or lived in Kanpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, New York, San Francisco, London, Miami, Dubai, …

Life is just a race in cities. Life could be a journey in smaller places.

Advantages of living in a town:

  1. Time. Only 22 minutes of commute to and fro per day for me.
  2. Fresh air. Almost no industries poisoning air, water & soil.
  3. Power and water. Surprisingly better than in cities. No power and water cuts even in peak of summer. My town may be an exception rather than rule.
  4. People. Have time to connect with.
  5. Sleep. Stress free.
  6. Cost of living. Low. Don’t have to burn yourself out to survive.

Disadvantages of living in a town:

  1. Education. Personally, I don’t depend on others to train my kids. They go to school but I train them myself in areas that matter. Besides, they should know how to grow their own food. Won’t happen in cities.
  2. Employment. Not much. You get to create.